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Mulla Sadra and Ibn Arabi on Sustainability in Retribution

mohammad heidarifard; mohamad kazem forghani

Volume 2, Issue 4 , January 2026, , Pages 39-59

  The problem of eternity of the soul in the hell, and sustainability in the divine punishment is among the most important theological and doctrinal issues which has drawn the attention of Muslim thinkers from the beginning. Mulla Sadra indicated the problems concerning the issue, and tried to answer them. ...  Read More

Divine Agency from Process Theology Point and Its Criticism Based on Manifestation Activity

Maryam Aqamohammadreza; Mohammad Javad Rezaeirah; Hamidreza Ayatollahy

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, , Pages 29-55

  One of the main topics of the philosophy of religion is the effectiveness of God and the manner of divine action in the world. Self-limiting thinking, which considers traditional philosophy and modern philosophy to be ineffective in responding to issues related to divine agency and God's relationship ...  Read More

Examining the relationship between faith and disbelief with science in the words of Sadr al-Mutalahin and Eynolghozat Hamedani

somayeh Amiri; Abbas Ahmadi Saadi; Mohamad Ali Akhgar

Volume 10, Issue 2 , March 2022, , Pages 89-108

  Since time immemorial in Islamic and Christian civilization, thinkers and theologians have raised many discussions about the concept of faith and disbelief and the issues surrounding them with different interpretive, philosophical, theological and mystical approaches. These topics have brought many social ...  Read More

Reconstructing of the creation in Genesis 1 in respect to Molla Sadr’s interpretation of the Hidden Treasure hadith

Ebrahim Ranjbar; Mehdi Monfared

Volume 10, Issue 2 , March 2022, , Pages 189-207

  In theology, it has been a long-lasting problem to determine whether the world is created ex nihilo or in its own it had a certain existence. For this issue, the first chapter of Genesis has imposed a great deal of effort on Jewish theologians. In Islamic intellectual tradition,ie. Islamic philosophy ...  Read More

Ontologic Reading Of Constitution Of Consistency Among Revelation And Man On Epistemologist Mullasadra

raheleh botlani esfahani; Jafr shanazari; Majid sadeghi hasan abadi

Volume 6, Issue 2 , February 2018, , Pages 71-96

  Human fall is one of the key issues of anthropological concern in religious studies and philosophical investigations; it not only accounts for the nature of human soul rather it refers to the latter’s origin and its emergence. Although fall has been discussed in some prophetic traditions and sayings; ...  Read More

Comparison of Sadr al-Din Shirazi's and Martin Heidger's views on Death with the comments of Henry Corbin

hazhir mehri; alireza monsefi; ali asghar mosleh

Volume 7, Issue 1 , January 2018, , Pages 45-65

  Sadr-al-Mutallihin would consider it as the soul perfection and it’s existentially separation from the body. According to him, being is of some levels, and death is on their borders by which human being could ascend a high level of being, that is, the Heaven. Therefore, death is not the end of ...  Read More

Multivariate Analysis of the Meaning of Life in Mulla Sadra's Philosophy

Abdollah Salavati; einollah khademi; Leila Poor Akbar

Volume 7, Issue 1 , January 2018, , Pages 67-90

  The central issue of this paper is to examine and analyze the plurality of meaning of life from the viewpoint of Mulla Sadra. In this paper, the authors explain the plurality of meaning in life by defining the meaning of life and examining different theories about this issue. Then, using the foundations ...  Read More

The Meaningfulness of Life in the light of the Immortality of Soul From the Viewpoint of Mulla Sadra

Forough Rahimpour; Mohammad Javad zaryeh; Zahra Abyar

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, , Pages 45-64

  The meaningfulness of life and a desire to immortality has occupied the probe mind for a long time. Belief in the life after death and immortality have a significant role in the human interpretation of meaninglessness of life. Mulla Sadra, based on his philosophical system and foundations such as soul ...  Read More

A Solution to the Value Problem Based on the Mulla Sadra’s Epistemology

Akram Asgarzadeh; Jalaal Peykani

Volume 5, Issue 2 , January 2017, , Pages 45-66

  According to the some critics of reliabilism, this theory suffers from the problem of the value of knowledge. Zagzebski suggests that to solve this problem, we should internalize the relation between context and belief forming process. Exploring Mulla Sadra’s epistemic theory, this paper aimed ...  Read More

The Problem of Evil in the Philosophy of Mulla Sadra and Leibniz; A comparative study

Abouzar nourozi; reza berenjkar

Volume 3, Issue 2 , April 2015, , Pages 89-109

  The problem of evil is one of the most important and well-known theological and philosophical issues which most of religions have dealt with it and philosophers of religions have addressed this issue through a new look. This article through propositional analysis, reviews the Mulla Sadra and Leibniz's ...  Read More