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1 PhD student in Kalam University of Tehran

2 Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran


The problem of evil is one of the most important and well-known theological and philosophical issues which most of religions have dealt with it and philosophers of religions have addressed this issue through a new look. This article through propositional analysis, reviews the Mulla Sadra and Leibniz's views on the problem. Due to circumstances of time, Mulla Sadra expressed his views on the issue with a traditional approach, but Leibniz is discussed it with traditional and also new approaches. The Foundations of Sadra and Leibniz and their original solutions to the problem are the same. Among the solutions that these two philosophers have addressed, the old and controversial solution, that evil is absence and really doesn’t exist, is shared. In general, their solutions do not have a basic coherency, because in one solution they deny the existence of evil, while the precondition of their other solutions is the existence of evil.