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Investigation and Criticism of Augustine's Theodicy in Solving the Problem of Evil by the Principles of Shia Theology

Abdullah HosseiniEskandian; gorbanali karimzadeh garamaleki; Abbas Abbaszadeh

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, Pages 1-27

  The historical aspect of the problem of evil and the questions that it creates about the Existence of God and His Absolute Attributes, caused theodices and defenses to be explained in Christian theology in order to defend the doctrine of theism. Such an issue has caused wide-ranging debates about it ...  Read More

Divine Agency from Process Theology Point and Its Criticism Based on Manifestation Activity

Maryam Aqamohammadreza; Mohammad Javad Rezaeirah; Hamidreza Ayatollahy

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, Pages 29-55

  One of the main topics of the philosophy of religion is the effectiveness of God and the manner of divine action in the world. Self-limiting thinking, which considers traditional philosophy and modern philosophy to be ineffective in responding to issues related to divine agency and God's relationship ...  Read More

A Theological Interpretation of "Dream" and "Language of Dreams" in the Supra-naturalistic Approach of Ibn Arabi and the Naturalistic Perspective of Erich Fromm

somayeh khademi; zeynab shariatnia

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, Pages 57-81

  Sleep and dreams are among the salient concepts in religious-mystical studies and psychology that religious scholars, Muslim mystics, and psychologists have paid particular attention to and expressed thoughtful opinions. In the thought of mystics, one of the ways that a person can communicate with the ...  Read More

Existence or non-existence of the world in Ibn Arabi's Mysticism

Ardalan Zamani; Mohammad MohammadRezaei

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, Pages 83-102

  The oneness of being is the most central idea of Ibn Arabi, and as interpreted by his commentators and followers, the oneness of being does not mean that the Real or true existence is united with others or is a single whole. The oneness of being means that only one entity has true existence and nothing ...  Read More

Ibn Arabi's defenses and theodicies in response to the problem of evil

Tahereh Baghestani; Hadi Vakili; N poormohammadi; Hosein Moosavi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023, Pages 103-138

  The issue of the occurrence of evil in the system of creation is one of the issues that have always focused the minds of the thinkers of the world. The number of works that have appeared on this issue forms a long list. The contribution of theologians, scholars of religion, and philosophers of religion ...  Read More

An Assessment of Bruce Reichenbach’s Theodicy on Natural Evils Based on David Chalmers’ View on Possibility and Conceivability

Amir Mohammad Emami; Abdolrasoul Kashfi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023

  The problem of evil is one of the philosophical issues that has been discussed from ancient times to the contemporary period. Bruce Reichenbach is one of the contemporary philosophers who has studied the issue in its various aspects. In response to the probabilistic argument from evil, he develops a ...  Read More

The Possibilities of al-Hikmat al-Muta’āliyah for Encountering Nihilism

Mohammad Mahdi Fallah; Ali Asghar Mosleh

Volume 11, Issue 2 , December 2023

  "Nihilism concerns contemporary human life both practically and theoretically. Preceding Nietzsche, who attracted minds toward nihilism, it was predominantly viewed historically. Yet Heidegger introduced a philosophical perspective, emphasizing the relationship between "Nothingness" in relation to the ...  Read More