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The concept of God in the thought of Avicenna

mastaneh kakaiy; hasan abasi hasan Abadi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 1-17

  Avicenna explains theology on the basis of Ontology, and so presents an ontological argument to prove the existence of God. Avicenna’s important philosophical principle is the distinction between existence and essence. Based on the distinction, beings are divided into two kinds: necessary and possible. ...  Read More

Religious Symbolism, from Paul Tillich’s Perspective Based on his Theologico-Philosophical System

Sayyeda Saida Mirsadri; Mansour Nasiri

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 19-44

  In discussions on religious language, meaningfulness of the religious statements is one of the challenges the philosophers of religion are faced with. Among the responses given, Paul Tillich’s religious symbolism is of special importance. Based on this theory all the religious statements except ...  Read More

The Meaningfulness of Life in the light of the Immortality of Soul From the Viewpoint of Mulla Sadra

Forough Rahimpour; Mohammad Javad zaryeh; Zahra Abyar

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 45-64

  The meaningfulness of life and a desire to immortality has occupied the probe mind for a long time. Belief in the life after death and immortality have a significant role in the human interpretation of meaninglessness of life. Mulla Sadra, based on his philosophical system and foundations such as soul ...  Read More

An Investigation into Nancy Murphy’s View on Divine Action in the World

Tahameh Ansarian; Narges Nazarnejad

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 65-88

  Nancy Murphy is an American philosopher and theologian, who attempts to use quantum physics to propose a new account of divine action in the world. She believes that any theory of divine action in the world would be acceptable if consistent with both science and theology. Murphy uses bottom-up causation ...  Read More

Irvin Yalom and Rumi on Existential Freedom Suffering and its Loophole

Habib Mazaheri; Amirabbas Alizamani

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 89-107

  The link between ‘freedom’ and ‘suffering’ is not intuitively obvious. At first glance, freedom apparently implies just positive implicit implications, but freedom has a dark side which is associated with existential suffering. From the perspective of the human being, the Creator ...  Read More

Mustafa Malekyan’s Religious Studies; A Critical study

ali rahimi shahrakht; Ali Haggi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, Pages 109-126

  One of the theories in the field of contemporary religious studies is the Mustafa Malekian’s project of ‘rationality and spirituality’. Focusing on the inevitable components of modernity, and comparing these components with the main characteristics of traditional religion, the theory ...  Read More