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1 PhD student of Qom University

2 Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran


The link between ‘freedom’ and ‘suffering’ is not intuitively obvious. At first glance, freedom apparently implies just positive implicit implications, but freedom has a dark side which is associated with existential suffering. From the perspective of the human being, the Creator is psychologically overflowing with anxiety because we are responsible, in deepest sense, not only for the inner world, but also for the outside world. The duty of each person is to make his/her world and his/her humanity. Man cannot avoid this responsibility and this freedom. The most important factor in the suffering of liberty in the thought of Yalom is the kind of existential epistemology based on which man has been thrown into the world and has no pattern or law on which build himself/herself, and there is also no guiding God in this construction. But in the epistemology of Rumi, there are both God and law, and what provokes suffering is how to act on the law.


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