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Assistant Professor, Research Institute of Iranian Wisdom and Philosophy, Qom Branch


One of the fundamental social changes in the modern world is the decline of religiosity and believing in God. Numerous factors contribute to this retreat of the sea of ​​faith. An important factor in this event is the family; which has usually attracted little attention. Statistical and sociological evidences prove the idea that the atheism is tied to this important factor. This article examines this question in a descriptive-analytical manner that if the family is so important and its decline leads to the decline of believing in God, why is that? By examining different probabilities and speculations through statistical and sociological data, it has reached this result that nonmarriage, life without children, freedom from family bondage, theoretical or practical atheism of parents, absence of father at home and contradiction of religious treatment of parents have a great role in turning away all members of the family, especially children from God and religion.


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