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Emilio Betty is an twentieth-century Italian objectivist hermeneutist. An opponent of Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics, he tried to present a new hermeneutic theory that was more effective in understanding the author's intentions by continuing Schleiermacher's path and refining his text comprehension theory. He believes; The way to reach the author's goal is to reconstruct his intention by reconstructing his thoughts. For this purpose, along with the meaningful signs of the text, due to Kant's obedience in the structures of the mind, he considers the special role of the interpreter's mindsets in interpretation. That is why he is a relative objectivist, not an absolute. However, in order to prevent destructive subjectivism, in addition to paying attention to the author's centrality in interpretation by setting four rules, and also by enumerating aspects for interpretation such as philology, historical interpretation, sociological interpretation (based on Max Weber's views), interpretation Reproduction and normative interpretation try to determine a limit for the role of the interpreter and the text in achieving the author. However, it seems that he has not been able to overcome this challenge and is practically both author-centric and gives a special role to the interpreter. This article describes this challenge, his strategy, and critiques of his strategies.


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