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Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Kharazmi University


The significance of contemplation in the existence of God and its extensive effects in human life has caused philosophers and the ologiansto try to offer some rational arguments in this regard. This has led to the development of different arguments, including ontological, innate, creation, motion, design, moral, and cosmological ones which have all received different interpretations throughout history. Among these rational arguments, cosmological argument seems to be more important due to the following reasons: a) Cosmological argument, in comparison to other ones, has been used by more philosophers and theologians in both Islamic and Western traditions; b) It has a lot in common with philosophy, theology, and religion; therefore, many theologians have taken philosophical and theological approaches to its application; c) It is rooted in a relatively common rational understanding and based on some principles like actual existence, causation, and dependency of effect on cause;d) It demonstrates the existence of cause, namely God, by demonstrating the existence of effect;a method more appropriate than the one that proves the existence of effect through the existence of cause; e)It is independent of other arguments; f) It uses the least number of principles to prove the existence of God; and g) It corresponds with external facts. This paper seeks to shed light on some of its explanations and rational virtues in Islamic and Western philosophies.