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1 PhD student in Philosophy of Religion, Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Zanjan University


After the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, experimental science emerged as a powerful challenger against religions. It not only question edtheir ability to solve human beings’ problems but also sought to propose more clear explanations about the world. Therefore, the relationship between science and religion became the central debate in the philosophy and gave birth to various views. This article is an attempt to study this issue from the viewpoint of Francisco J.Ayala; a contemporary renowned American-Spanish priest and genetics scholar. He believes that the Bible is only infallible concerning the salvation and well-being of human being and does not intend to explain natural events. Ayala accepts methodological naturalism and refutes metaphysical naturalism to the point thathe denies the interference of God and other metaphysical causes in the affairs of the world. He believes that the theories of evolution and natural selection are sufficient for explaining the emergence of biological species in the world. From Ayala’s point of view, such perception could solve the evil’s problem, because if so, evils will be related to evolution and natural selection and God will be absolved from evils. It seems that Ayala’s solution does not have the ability to resolve the evil’s problem. Ayala splits science and religion up in two separate domains while they complement each other.