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Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Allameh Tabatabai University


‘God’ and the correlating ideas are of great importance in Nietzsche’s philosophy. However, his way of considering these concepts is completely different from other thinkers. He, unlike others, does not employ traditional philosophical argumentations to approve his claim; instead appealing to abstract argumentations irrelevant to the reality, he uses the methods which is resulted from his concrete look to the era he lives in. His conflicting exposition in this context, ‘the death of God’, leads to many different and sometimes contradictory interpretations. ‘The death of God’ is the subject and also the basis of his ideas, so that his other ideas such as ‘Nihilism’ and ‘Superhuman’ are shaped quite in relation to it. In this paper, we attempt to explain Nietzsche’s position on the idea of “God” and outline his concerns after the phenomenon “the death of God”, as he calls.