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1 PhD student of Islamic Theology, Shahid Motahari University, Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies



Relying on the concept of "common human culture", Allameh Jafari considers different thinkers in different eras and societies with a holistic view and, with his own methodology, formulates religious knowledge in such a way that our attention to it will review and Rethinking invites different areas of thought and common thought patterns. He considers religious knowledge to be the result of weekly epistemological climates (scientific, philosophical, intuitive, theological, moral, mystical, religious). Accordingly, the division of knowledge into two religious and secular spectrums loses its function and meaning.Secular is basically not a secular or anti-religious meaning, but a specific concept of Christian society in the non-monastic sense that Muslims have chosen by internalizing this concept as the theoretical and intellectual basis of their bio-world; Islam, on the other hand, rejects both monastic and clerical interpretations of religion and considers sectarianism and direct communication with God. Therefore, instead of the religious / secular duality, a new formulation of the bio-world of Islam can be presented according to the concept of "custom" and "common human culture", which is rooted in the historical tradition and cultural and religious interpretations of Muslims.


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