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The ideal of the utopia wraped with justice and peace, and the suffering caused by the bitter realities of human social life such as injustice and poverty, have forced many philosophers of religion to provide a prescription for a brighter future for humankind. Multmann wrote his Theology of Hope with an emphasis on the eschatological promise in the midst of the World War II following the compilation of a synthesized doctrine of Marxism and Christianity. He accompanied the promised future of human life history by a novel reading of social Trinity and bound them in the kingdom of Justice and peace of God. Moltmann stated that the divine promise along with faith in God, which was fulfilled in the unique event of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, is the basis of God's moral judgment and love for man. Using a documentary analytical method, by reviewing the most important works of first period of Jürgen Multmann's theology, this article critically considers his innovative model, namely the eschatological interpretation of the promise through explanation and analysis of what and why it is, and the philosophical and theological origin of the promise, and the relationship between the promise and faith, love, hope and action.


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