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PhD in Educational Technology, Department of Educational Technology, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Allameh Tabatabaei University


The progression of agricultural, industrial and post-industrial stages in human, s life is caused by development of technology. The success of civilization is dues by impact of technology on individual and social life and as well on material and spiritual dimensions. The greatness of Islamic civilization and its dominance on the ancient civilizations ‘Rome and Greece’, is an example of the proper use of science and technology, based on advanced teachings of Islam. If technology is assumed as decoder of creation system, then it is necessary to know the essence of technology and human as conqueror of nature. This article is about the essence of technology, its relationship with human and its effect of technology on society. In addition it is about position of human as divine governor, necessities for dominance on the nature in Holy Quran and worshippers of Allah, who can conquest and control the nature