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1 Professor of Philosophy at Allameh Tabatabai University

2 PhD student in Allameh Tabatabai University


The question about the relation of God and the nature is one of the most intricate but less prevailed philosophic thoughts of Ludwig Wittgenstein, a proper understanding of which is helpful in acquiring a thorough knowledge of his theories. In early thoughts of Wittgenstein, God does not preserve a natural revelation. In a delicate analysis, he unravels language, metaphysics, ethics and the like from the nature and rejects any statement that attempts to necessitate any connection between them. Nevertheless, sketching the borders he had presumed to exist between nature and language and the linguistic assortments he had spanned to the relation of God and nature is not of much scientific value and can only serve as a way of theoretical conceptualization. He has developed a variety based on his personal linguistic preferences. Regardless of being realistic or unrealistic, he has an abstract approach that is based on spiritual concepts.