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Faculty member of Islamic Philosophy Department, Mofid University of Qom


While John Hick, a contemporary famous British philosopher of religion, considers himself as a Christian, he believes in religious pluralism. This means that he considers other faiths as being right and salvational as well. He says that the study of the status of believers in different faiths necessities the acceptance of religious pluralism. In the second step, mythologizing the fundamental teachings of Christianity, he tries to escape from Christian exclusivity, and compromises between Christianity and pluralism. In the third step, he maintains that since faiths look at the sublime truth from different perspectives, each sees part of the truth. Also, holding that the purpose of religious propositions is not to give information to human beings about the reality but to bring about internal changes in them, he solves the conflicts between different faiths. This article aims to show that Hick has neither been successful in compromising between Christianity and pluralism nor in solving the conflicts between the claims of the faiths.