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1 Associate Professor of Islamic Philosophy, Al-Zahra University

2 Master of Philosophy, Al-Zahra University


One of the main human’s concerns including Paul Tillich, the contemporary scholar, is teleology. This paper studies the Paul Tillich’s views on the issue and especially pays attention to his existential look which distinguishes him from others. This paper comes to the conclusion that the question of resurrection has a transcendent meaning in Tillich philosophy, and that is the transcendental characteristic of creation in the light of immortal life rather than the common meaning of an ultimate event. According to Tillich, immortality isn’t defined as something going to take place sometime in future, but it exists at the present moment and within the boundary of being. Criticizing the approaches of incarnation, transition and the middle approach in proving the Return, Tillich shows the creatures’ immortality with explaining the time immortality relation, the divine life, and connecting the immortal life of creatures with divine life.