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1 Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran

2 Farabi Campus - University of Tehran


Open Theism, as a new approach in theology and philosophy of religion, has attracted attentions of most of contemporary thinkers toward its views. The main claim of supporters of this approach is that many of current doctrines of Christian theology about God’s entity and his attributes are not consistent with Scripture and this has led to incompatibilities between new science and religious thoughts. One of them is found in conflict of God’s knowledge and Human’s Freewill. In addition to redefining some of God’s attributes especially his absolute foreknowledge, open theists tried to resolve that traditional and controversial problem. Also, they interpreted the relation of God and the world in a new way to solve the conflict. In this article the open theist’s method in resolving the problem of Gos's foreknowledge and Human's Freewill is going to be reviewed based of Sadra’s philosophy.


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