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1 Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran

2 Master of Philosophy of Religion, Farabi Campus, University of Tehran


Every single soul that has a little knowledge of himself and those around him, does have this question that, is death end of existence and all our instincts and aspiration? And if not, how would be our life or lives after death? This question is as old as human being. Belief in eternity of life plays an important role in interpretation of human life and its meaning and meaninglessness. But some philosophers have problem with the meaning of human eternity. The present paper uses descriptive and analytical method to critique the relationship between eternity and meaning of life in view of Bernard Williams. Bernard Williams argues based on moral philosophy and pragmatic approach that, since an eternal life is undesirable, desire of eternal life is unreasonable. Therefore, Williams not only believes that eternity is not necessary for the meaning of life, but also it is hazard; because, actually, death is what can make the life meaningful. Different critiques of this view deny the incompatibility of eternity and the meaning of life; and illustrate that Bernard William’s argument against any kinds of eternity was not correct and cogent.


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