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PH.D Student in Philosophy at Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran


A passionate faith is the like for every religious view. In Kierkegaard's view, this passionment depends on paradox and obtained only belief and practice to "absurd". Hence any objective approach decays any passionment and merely can have passionate faith with subjective approach. The one hand, Kierkegaard's basis of Idea is the belief in an incommensurabilism position and the other hand, volitionalism position to knowledge. The critiques included on this Kierkegaard’s view that known "the passion argument", including three critiques of Louis Pojman that based on his theory about religious epistemology. At the begging, this article will look briefly the special Louis Pojman’s view in Kierkegaard’s philosophy. In the next step, I will present the logical exposition of the Pojman’s religious epistemology and will see that rational framework of Pojman’s vision in the relationship between reason and faith is the weak-commensurabilism – against two theory: incommensurabilism and strong-commensurabilism; and so based on the soft-perspectivism – against two position: nonperspectivism and hard-perspectivism. In the final step we see the Pojman’s critique against “The passion argument”, and will know that this Kierkegaard’s idea faced serious epistemological criticism.