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Assistant Professor of Mazandaran University


Explaining the theory of natural religion, this paper has offered a biological explanation of religion, and religion is studied as a natural phenomenon. For Neo-Darwinists, religion even if it is transcendental and belongs to the other world can be considered as a natural phenomenon which is emerged and actualized by human beings. To interpret natural religion approach one can say that Neo-Darwinists like Dennett, don’t want to ‘explain’, but want to express people’s interest in religion evolutionary, i.e., they want to offer a historical and evolutionary narrative of religion, and also believe that religion consistency to community is the cause of its survival in a natural selection. Dennett's argument regarding the persistency of religion is so: ‘religion has been remained due to the fact that it has had the power to regulate community otherwise it was eliminated by nature. Among the theists believing in the theory of evolution, Plantinga has presented some criticisms against Dennett's approach, on the basis of his theory of theism and ‘God-based evolution’. For Plantinga, Dennett major service to evolution and evolutionary religious studies refers to Darwin's dangerous idea. In this article we will show that Darwin's idea is not dangerous necessarily and one can consider evolution as a model of God's creation pattern.